Partner Criteria

Guidelines for organizations seeking to partner with the foundation

The Barbara and Stephen Miller Foundation is seeking grassroots organizations to serve as partners and scouts. In teaming with the foundation, you play a vital role in nominating individuals to receive grant funds, overseeing the process to ensure funds are used appropriately and completing follow up with grant recipients.

If your organization meets the following criteria, please contact us to initiate a conversation:

  • The mission of your organization is one where helping individuals overcome a one-time financial barrier is inherent to accomplishing your mission. Examples: Your mission is to help individuals secure stable jobs, affordable housing or resolve legal issues.
  • Staff members work with low-income individuals every day.
  • Staff members become familiar enough with the details of an individual’s situation to assess whether they have discrete, one-time need for assistance.
  • Staff members are willing to be the foundation’s contact through the process, identifying individuals, overseeing the simple paperwork, supervising use of grant funds and completing follow up with grant recipients.

For inquiries on becoming a foundation partner, please email Barbara Miller: